Waystation 722

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A radial waystation in space - it inexplicably has light shining on it despite being in interstellar space
A waystation maintained by the Ivanovich rogue trader family. The station is huge, and only the surface layer is available to non-rogue traders and their guests.

Waystations are provided by prominent Rogue Trader families as a service to the Imperium. They are also a way for a family to declare themselves a political factor, and to form potentially life saving alliances with the navy. It is considered disloyal and poor form for a family to refuse to construct one if they are in a position to do so (frequently such families will find themselves without allies).

Waystation 722 is opulent and verdant. Exquisite gardens, glittering fountains and scintillating song birds feature in profusion.

Places of Note

  • The Docks
    • Clean, grey and functional, managed by the Adeptus Mechanicus, the docks will refit and service any loyal Imperial ship
  • The Hotel
    • Making up a significant proportion of the waystation this facility provides leisure, fine dining, luxurious rooms and much more for its guests. Assassination attempts are very common.
  • Waystation 722 Mechanicus Creature Implantation and Research Facility
    • There is no short version of the name. People who work there just learn to say it really fast. Staffed by human assistants and tech priests this five story facility stores and implants animals for the purposes of their customers. Frequently as pets, steeds, guardians or gladiators.
  • The Ballroom
    • A large anti-grav ship housing four luxury decks for guests. Topdeck is a garden, then below that a ballroom deck (split into rave and traditional), below that a chillout area and bar, then below that a negotion and media deck. Other areas of the ship are for staff, and include kitchens, a brig, the bridge, storage, engineering, etc.

Waystation 722

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