The Vigilance

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Black ship in orbit of a desert planet

The Vigilance

An inquisition black ship commanded by Lord Inquisitor Adonai. Huge, sleek, ancient and possessed of formidable weaponry, the black ships of the inquisition instill fear in heretics for good reason. Adonai claimed the vessel when he killed his former master after she was declared Extremis Diabolicus by an inquisitor council.

The Throne Room

Great doors to the throne room A hallowed chamber, vaulted and circled by wards of all kinds. The throne and holy mozaic floor are illuminated brightly, surrounded by a ring of columns that throw shadow behind them. The unsavoury uses to which the room is put are evidenced by the drains that edge the mozaic, and by the steel rings sunk into the floor at strategic points. Behind the throne, mounted onto a mechanical recess is a suit of ornate golden terminator armour, blazoned with the inquisitorial ‘I’ and Adonai’s personal symbol. There are power claws mounted on the arms (Lord Adonai prefers to be up close and personal with heretics). When Adonai is in his throne room his retinue tend to spread out around to stand between the columns.

Xenos Research

This section of the vessel is off limit to crewmembers. Interogator Artemis, Adonai’s right hand, sees to the necessary feeding and torture of the aliens. Most of the experiments are conceived by either Artemis or adept researchers, and signed off by Adonai or Artemis. Data is recorded by sanctioned scribes and cleaning work is done by servitors.

The Xenos Formidilis section permits any inquisitorial agent entry, while the Xenos Horribilis section is forbidden to all save the inquisitor and interrogator (and servitors).

Current residents

  • Boss Hacky (Ork): Torture and isolation have made this ork unusually meek and responsive. Research is being done into the relationship between an ork’s ego and it’s physical size. Hacky has lost about a foot since capture, though it is still a huge and imposing green figure. It is fed primarily MRE with the occasional steak.
  • Gretchin (assorted): This was originally a breeding experiment relating to soil nutrition, however that experiment was successfully concluded. The breeding is now being performed solely to conveniently feed the dark eldar. The gretchin themselves are loud, obnoxious and easily scared. They are a particularly pale green, with long noses and small eyes. The bigger ones ‘volunteer’ the smaller ones for sacrifice to the dark eldar. They are fed slurry.
  • Swain Hierarch (Dark Eldar): The title of Hierarch marks this creature as a noble of his cabal (The Poisoned Tongue), and consort-adviser to the Archon (Cabal ruler). Despite his emaciation and abuse he is still unusually beautiful. For his physical needs he is given MRE, for his darker requirements he is provided a gretchin to feed on daily, provided he fill out a section of a map of Commorragh, or the webway. Torturing him physically is pointless, however simply denying him his gretchin makes him very pliable within five days; the thirst causes intense suffering. The gretchin are somewhat unfulfilling for him, and he frequently tries to lure more satisfying meals closer (he succeeded once with an agent who didn’t survive the experience). He hates Artemis passionately. Chains about his throat and wrists are attached to a crank accessible from outside his enclosure, and serve to restrain him while he is spoken with.
  • Warlock Illeath (Craftworld Eldar, exiled): This warlock was known to be one of the eldar that orchestrated the events leading up to several Imperial-controlled systems being swallowed by enemy forces. She was banished from Ulthw√© for attempting to barter with a daemon. She is a truly formidable psyker. She is restrained and sedated to prevent her from taking her own life, and fed by drip. Two pariahs (psychic nulls) bunk in the room with her to dampen her powers to a safe level. When she is strong enough she is injected with hallucinogenics and her precognitive ravings are recorded by scribes for interpretation by scholars. When she is conscious her face is twisted with loathing, her speech is slurred, and her tongue is scarred. She possesses the unearthly beauty of her craftworld kin.

The Library

A large section of the ship filled with scrolls, tomes, books and data slates. Scribes and servitors shuffle between the shelves and racks, cataloging. The size of the collection has swollen significantly since Artemis took charge of it. The library is divided into three sections by how dangerous the knowledge within is:

  • Level 3 is accessible by respectful crewmembers and includes religious texts, Imperial law and propaganda, heavily edited historical texts, common lore of various Imperial worlds and organisations, and educational books on non-combat skills.
  • Level 2 is accessible by all agents, and is for military information, accurate historical records (with only the occasional redaction), information about the machine cult and arbites, knowledge of the lesser aliens, and educational books about illicit or violent things (explosives, stealth, etc.).
  • Level 1 requires special permission to withdraw specific literature, and is for accurate historical records and journals (such as Ciaphas Cain’s) and forbidden lore. Combat servitors guard this section of the library and will offer one chance to surrender before dispatching trespassers.

There is no level 0.

The Armoury

There are three armouries: the main armoury, the restricted armoury and the forbidden armoury.

The main armoury contains lasguns, laspistols, combat knives, chain swords and flak armour, with a reinforced lockbox for frag and krak grenades. It is big enough to equip all non-essential crew.

The restricted armoury is where the good stuff is housed. Power swords, melta, bolter and plasa guns, heavy weapons, unusual grenades, carapace armour.

The forbidden armoury is rumoured to contain a set of power armour, light power armour, xenomesh, force swords and axes, archeotech power weapons, exotic weaponry and even some illegal alien technology. Very lucky agents get to see inside this room.

Training Facilities

Sparring pit (featuring servitors), firing range, gymn, hall, swimming pool, sauna. Reserved for crew working security, agents and the inquisitor and retinue. It is rare for the three groups to intermix.


The primary cathedral; The Sword of FIre (in honour of Primarch Sanguinius’ blade) is as fabulous as would be expected on an inquisitor’s ship. The inquisitor rarely discusses his soul with lesser mortals, however agents and crew are encouraged to go to and worship. Occasionally Grace Rex, the priest who serves on the inquisitor’s retinue, will perform mass.


This complex houses a variety of cells for the purposes of detaining captives. The majority of cells have concrete floors, with drains and a bucket. A few luxury cells serve to restrain important guests that are needed out of the way for a time. A small section of the complex is devoted to cast plasteel cells with adamantine restraints strong enough to hold space marines securely. While another section holds powerful wards and is patrolled by pariahs.

There are various facilities to elicit confessions, with medics on hand. These facilities are state of the art, and a few house exotic equipment, including archeotech and xenotech. Many of the cells have occupants.

Grey Knight Quarters

A five person squad of grey knights bunks here. The area is completely off-limits to anyone without Inquisitor Adonai’s express invitation.

Ship atmosphere

More ship atmosphere

A lot of big ships in the sky of a planet, in low orbit

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The Vigilance

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