Rogue Trader Ball

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Taking place on Waystation 722, featuring various Rogue Traders.

Turns out Interrogator Artemis (second in command lady with cat for people who are not following the plot) used to be a rogue trader. Her mother dearest and holder of the family warrant has invited Artemis to a soiree. Art hasn’t really been talking to her family a great deal since she forswore her family and any claim on the warrant, so the invite came as a surprise. Concerned that something fairly major might be going down at important trader negotiations she decided to go, and the inquisitor kindly dropped her off in The Vigilance, and waited a little way outside (to avoid spooking anyone, and to avoid the no armaments zone).

Shit rapidly hit the fan. Starting with a small gang of would-be assassins (one of whom died with the name ‘Mephisto’ on their lips), diverting through a birdnapping, and pausing briefly to greet an old friend, the team got to the ball in one piece. Opportunistic bureaucrat Nix managed to gain access to the negotiation room, where she caught a snatch of a big assassination attempt about to go down. She managed to get off a warning to Inquisitor Adonai before the death cult appeared in to ruin the proceedings and murder the musicians.

Delta Snare split into two teams; one went to the bottom of the ship (with a new Tech Priest magos ‘friend’ thanks to Wilma’s quick thinking and social aptitude). The engine team managed to get control over the engines and comms. They dropped the shields, and the other team activated a homing beacon on the top deck. The inquisitor and his retinue and grey knights appeared and kicked the crap out of everything that seemed heretical, and everyone lived happily ever after.


The inquisitor’s gratitude: 2000 + (5 * wage) in thrones (most things are available to buy with this money). 1 Common refraction bracer (rules in the demon book or below). +1 Fate Point (to a maximum of 5). 1 combead and chrono. Improved quarters with common quality survival gear available. For Wilma a best quality combitool, for Nix a pair of binoculars and a polaroid camera with 20 sheets of light sensitive parchment.

A small (and relatively weak) field provides a shield like wall of force that protects the user’s upper body and arms. This Force Field finds use amongst the private guard of many Inquisitors of the ScholIarate at Arms, where they are trained to interlock the fields to protect their charge. While it is less common than proper Refraction Fields, the Refraction Bracer is an inexpensive option for Acolytes working in dangerous conditions.

The Refraction Bracer only protects against hits that would strike the body or arms, leaving the head and legs unprotected. In addition it does not function against area attacks (although it may help against some Flame weapons if the GM wishes.)

Common quality forcefields overload on a roll of a 1 – 10. They can be recharged in the field on a -30 techuse test, or a use of the luminem charge talent. Refraction shields prevent a hit on a roll of a 1 – 30.

Rogue Trader Ball

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