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A day and a half of healing, purity testing and shopping was capped off by a summons to the library. There Delta Snare met with the inquisitor and the interrogator. The former was pacing, the latter wearing her interrogation mask and overalls, brightened with fresh blood. The agents were informed of the following;

The Eyes of Draxx have revealed that certain events in the history of Inquisitor Adonai are in danger of being brought before an inquisitorial council. The evidence; a witness, documents and thinking machine data must be purged.

The witness is Private Felicia Harkness, and she must be assassinated. The unit she and the rest of the evidence is being stored at is an inquisition safe-house on the sandy planet Rakk in the Canopic system. The council meeting is in ten days there. We have a means of getting you there covertly and swiftly before they are moved onto the council ship.

We have a contact among the scribes; Wilson. The indexing scribes have their memories wiped every night, but Wilson has his intact. As long as he has them he serves Adonai. Once you have what you need from him you must say the codephrase ‘Lord Adonai will remember your service, thank you.’ Among the techpriests we have Lexmechanic Wolfgang. His brain is half cybernetic, so he has more control over his memories than most. He will expect payment – he enjoys narcotics which we’ve provided you with.

The means of getting there was revealed to be a painted door in the highest security clearance area of the library, which when activated becomes a gate into the webway. A figure in a cloth mask and cowl was despatched too as a guide.

The air within the white organic corridors was still, and echoey. As the guide turned corners time seemed to ripple, and after images would follow him. One room seemed to be a banquet hall, though the plates only held dried leaves, feathers and bone fragments. Within was a huge window out onto a maelstrom, which the guide described as the Eye of Terror – a region of warp/real space that had swallowed all the eldar home worlds.

The exit was similar to the entrance; a rippling surface of golden and purple, making soft whispering and chiming sounds. The place beyond it was a cave; wet and cool and very dark, and filled with the gentle echoing sounds of water dripping. The guide stroked the wall, causing it to glow softly and revealed some stillsuits. He gave sand coloured ones to everyone but the psykers, who received paler more sophisticated eldar tech ones. The agents filled their water skins from the cold pools, and left, guided by a subtly glowing path operated by the guide.

Large creature that resembles a sand-beast - short legs, reptilian, golden coloured with winglike fins that run down to its tail

The light outside was blinding, and burning hot. The sandy dunes rippled into the shimmering distance. Ragaa led the way, displaying a familiarity with maps. That night they held shifts and took turns to sleep in the tent. Shortly after beginning to travel again a sand skiff pulled by a large reptilian beast approached, ridden by ten figures in stillsuits. The figures brandished weaponry and charged in, however they were driven off by Dieter, who threatened them with a grenade held telekinetically before them, and by Nilus, who shot their beast’s eye out.

They returned a few hours later, this time with two more skiffs. One skiff held brazen warriors in ripped stillsuits – this showed their dedication to the battle as they must reclaim their lost water from their foes. When the central skiff was ignited by Sister Anya the other two drew up beside it to transfer the riders, and Dieter seized this moment to have his ripperhawk drop a grenade right in the middle of the vehicles. The explosion was brutal and slew many of the riders, and drove the sand-beasts into the sand (the hawk’s exceptional flying took her out of danger). Dieter summoned his psychic blade and started slaying the helpless riders systematically, while Anya took a captive and revealed it to be an exodite eldar. Dieter used his wrangling skills to encourage a sandbeast to co-operate and the group finished their journey on a tattered skiff. They tied the elfmaid to it, dragging her along the sand for the journey. When they reached the inquisition base they questioned the exhausted, abraded and battered eldar, but her lack of low gothic made her useless, and she was executed.

Two turrets guarded the entrance into the bunker. Flashing the inquisitorial badges at them got the agents into the bunker. There a servitor double checked them and opened the large round vault door. A stairway led down, lit by candles. A cool moist breeze came from the darkness. At the foot of the stairs was a corridor, and at the end of the corridor two doors. Both held the inquisition symbol, but one was superimposed over an image of a scroll, and the other over the skull and cog symbol of the adeptus mechanicus. In a recess between them was a stash of candles and a servitor in standby mode. The team decided to enter the scroll door first, having decided that techpriests are bad news.

They entered an enormous hall filled with mobile shelving (bookshelves on rails powered by hand cranks). Ten-score scribes sat at desks in a row in front of the book shelves making entries on ledgers; indexing the evidence and records deposited here by the inquisition. The agents spoke with the overseer, and were directed to Wilson – who indexed items with the battles they referenced. On seeing the icon of Adonai he directed them to a location among the stacks that was revealed to be a hidden room. Inside was a room stuffed with bottles full of strange whispers, books bound in strange leathers, and a jail cell, with a young woman inside.

Delta Snare approached her and spoke a few words with her. When they prepared to kill her they were interrupted by a team of five inquisitorial agents; servants of Inquisitor Draxx.

End of Part One

Private Felicia Harkness was killed (death by hidden Ripperhawk). Draxx’s agents gave up after being informed of this.
Meanwhile Nix was investigating the Mechanicus anex… tbc

Destroy the Evidence

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