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Confessor Bob was played by Rob (not his permanent character – I want his arbiter to start on the planet in session 1)
Also present were Sister Anya Kostanzi, Dieter Einherjar and Ragaai.

The characters arrived on the Emperor’s Sword – a large Naval transport vessel. They were hitching a ride to their destination; a rendevous with a black ship and the inquisitor that summoned them. Confessor Bob had been summoned by commissar Ralph who wanted the penal legions to confess their sins before they died in battle. In the main group’s quarters was a man with a large case who claimed to be called ‘Nobody’ who did absolutely nothing all session. They were alarmed when a man burst in with a severely injured child in tow, who claimed that the high priest of the ship was a daemon, mutant, heretic. The high priest had attempted an exorcism on the child the injuries from which were lethal. Dieter Einherjar (creepily smiling) performed a psychic healing on the child at the behest of Sister Anya, saving his life. In gratitude the kid gave Dieter a bouncy ball. The party went to investigate the priest. Meanwhile the priest had requested Confessor Bob join him for dinner, to discuss a cult that he believed was growing among the crew.

The high priest seemed to be particularly violent, angry and abusive. His acolytes sported bruises and his sermons were essentially just him raging at his congregation. When the kid reported to the group that his father had died at the hands of the priest during another ‘exorcism’ they confronted the priest. He took them to a room where he was trying to track the spread of the cult, and the evidence was sufficient to investigate. The cult seemed focused around the cargo workers, so they found a suitable victim and encouraged them to confess. The woman revealed that there was indeed a cult worshipping Isha – a goddess who offered them love instead of hate, and that it was lead by an eldar (a beautiful man – were his ears pointed – yes). They located some wraithbone fragments, and uncovered a plot to kill the priest.

They called Commissar Ralph and asked him to protect the priest. When they got there (prisoner in tow) he looked confused and had just been interrupted from dinner. When he heard that the cult had finally been uncovered he was so happy he embraced Sister Anya. Then he started coughing up blood. Fortunately an Imperial Guard medic was on hand to administer some detox, however he was still unconscious and somewhat frothy mouthed.

They learned from the prisoner that a meeting was due in a room in the cargo holds at midnight, to report on the outcome of the attempt on the priest, and to receive the love of Isha. They were spotted by a lookout and when they got there the congregation was scattering. They attacked anyone who came in reach and entered the room. Kalenon was in there, his alien armour on save for his helm. “Xenos scum” “Mon-keigh”. Just before he got his helm on Confessor Bob managed to get a shot off cutting through his cheek. He screamed through his helm, the wyrd psychic resonance paralysing and deafening. Sister Isha managed to resist the power and swung her flail deep into the eldar’s side. His armour damaged, and his plans destroyed his strange backpack whirred and he vanished.

The ship suddenly dropped out of warp, and the commissar called them up to the command deck. As they left the cargo hold a rush of air met them and the doors closed behind them. At the command deck they saw a dead person collapsed over their console, and the commissar with his gun out. The dead person had opened the cargo hold. They discovered from their prisoner that a special cargo had been stored in the bay, and it was the eldar’s ship. The person manning the auspex looked shifty, and it was revealed that the eldar ship was in range. The gunner had a bash at shooting it down, but the shadow field the ship was emitting kept it safe.

The cult was wormed out over the next week or two in the warp. The navigator professed innocence over the dropping out of warp incident. The eldar had been giving arches made of wraithbone to the people to deploy on specific mining planets.

Cult of Isha

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