Special Tables

Nix’s Nasty Nines on kNowledge Table

01 – 30 Lost Int – 10 check (or navigation check) until pass When you turn to leave your mansion the door doesn’t lead where you expected it to. You’ll have to find your way out.
31 – 60 Too much 1d5 – 1 wounds You opened one of your mind doors to fetch some information and so much fell out at you that you can barely contain it. Your nose starts to bleed as your head throbs. The GM will tell you some additional tangential information around your chosen subject.
61 – 85 Addiction 1d5 rounds WP check or access more knowledge on the same subject again For the next 1d5 rounds you will have a slightly glazed look on your face as the first taste of knowledge you take fires up your natural hunger for it. You must pass a WP check for each of those rounds or access the knowledge again (you can pick the questions)
86 – 90 The horror Roll on the shock table (pg. 233 core rulebook) You open the door and within lies a fragment of knowledge humans are not built to cope with.
91 – 00 Trapped To escape do one of the following: Take 1 corruption point to appease the creatures, OR pass an opposed WP check vs WP45 and take a point of fatigue You enter the room in your mind, and something else closes the door behind you. You don’t know what the creatures are – they are shadowy, indistinct. But they don’t want to let you leave without paying them just a little tiny piece of your purity. You can try to smash through them (which can be exhausting) or give them what they want.
99 Chaos Within GM’s Choice Pacts can be unpredictable things. You of all people know that.

Dieter: Fragments of Memory

Modified from inquisitor’s handbook page 14

01 – 12 Reconditioning The room is dim, and the figure in the mask and leather apron is leaning over you. You thought when they stopped cutting you it would hurt less, but as the air rushed into the delicate parts where the knives and saws had been it felt like a mass of sharp and forked poniards tearing at the edges of the wound. Your own screams still ring in your ears and you feel like they might deafen you.
13 – 25 Umbral Mentor The power is uncontrollable. It flows from your eyes, hands and mouth in streamers – the paralysing anguish of it is so intense you feel like you should have died from it long ago. Wherever the streamers touch the land is scorched and chunks of it are cast about. The power flows up into the sky, blackening it with storms, and when the lightning flashes other worlds can be seen. From your transfixed eyes you see a figure approach you, smiling sadly. He takes your hand and you feel cool relief flow from his grip. You look into his black rippling eyes and you see hunger and triumph there.
26 – 38 The Throne of Blood You stand triumphant , the villager’s heads bow as you pass, their lives yours to command, yours by right and for the betterment of all. Then abruptly all is chaos and ruin, fire and blood. You are shackled and broken, hulking figures drag you away, but that sweet taste of power lingers a moment yet.
39 – 51 The Toymaker’s Court You recline on your throne as your disturbing toys cavort and project fire for your entertainment. A servant in the wrong place is licked by a tongue of flame, the flesh blistering and bubbling. The pustules burst and long thin white tentacles flicker out. He screams and his empty endlessly mad eyes bore into you. You cannot bear the noise and you gesture for your toys to finish him, but no matter how much they mash the corpse you can still hear the screaming.
52 – 64 The Shattered Mirror Sensations fill your mind – a vision of a partner and a child, a snatch of a melody, the smell of food cooking, a house, sudden barbs of emotion that flee before they can be grasped. Are they your lost family or maybe your victims?
65 – 77 The Cold Grave Stillness, silence, smothering darkness and utter cold. Cold enough to freeze the soul and burn the mind. Death – you’re sure it was; death had claimed you till they brought you back and it waits for you every waking moment, lurking just at the edge of sight, waiting to claim you again.
78 – 90 The Sole Survivor The city streets are stained with blood. You warned them toys of such power could be controlled only for a short while. You can still hear their screams as if they were frozen in the air. You wander alone, the only survivor envying the dead.
91 – 00 City of Abominations You look down at the newborn in disgust as the woman that birthed it staggers out to throw up. Another pitiful creature. It does not live long; its gasping beak and thrashing tentacles horrifyingly energetic before its death.

Special Tables

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