Autarch Kalénon

A craftworld eldar of Ulthwé


Kalénon is an autarch of Ulthwé – a craftworld ruled by seers where aspect warriors are in short supply. He has acted against the orders of his seers each time Delta Snare have run into him. The first time he had created a cult to Isha on board a naval vessel as a ruse to smuggle webway portals into mining planets. The second time he had been ordered to see to it that Artemis and her retinue not interfere in negotiations. Rather than attempt to assassinate his targets as implied he brought a potent sleeping draught. He clearly knows Artemis and speaks almost regretfully of a time when there was an alliance between himself and her.

He has walked the paths of at least striking scorpions, warp spiders and howling banshees. For he wears the armour, jump pack and mask of each respectively. It is rare for a male eldar to take the path of a banshee, but all autarchs are exceptional eldar.


Autarch Kalénon

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