Interrogator Artemis

Inquisitor Adonai's right hand


Artemis is first and foremost Inquisitor Adonai’s right hand. She is a formiddable warrior in her own right; possessing both minor psychic powers and a peerless skill with pistols of all types, however her real talents do not lie in battle but in research and the torture chamber.

Like many of her ilk Artemis is a lover of knowledge. Unusually however she is willing to share some (knowledge is power, guard it well). Since she took over the library she has categorised the contents by the hazard they pose, and will permit even the crew access to the safest materials (although suspicion may be leveled at those who seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake). Her index system is convoluted and ridiculously complex, but once fully understood makes locating books very quick. She has been adding to the collection with her own reports of fieldwork, observations, detailed anatomical sketches and research performed on captives.

Artemis is overdue to have her own Inquisitorial rosette bestowed on her. Inquisitor Adonai claims that he needs to test her resolve and will further. This is probably the case, however it would be reasonable (though inadvisable) to speculate that he is unwilling to give up control over such a skilled and useful assistant.

She has a twin brother named Apollo, and was born into the Durancor rogue trader family – bastard daughter to the holder of the family warrant and an unknown. She has a younger half-sister named Perdita. Artemis forswore her claim to the Durancor rogue trader warrant upon joining Adonai.

Artemis is tall with a compact musculature. She usually wears a long flowing military-style trenchcoat, plus an elaborate carapace breastplate on her torso. She wears a harlequin’s kiss on her forearm (safe in the knowledge most people have no idea what it is), and her collection of pistols and grenades can be spied by the keen-eyed.

Atalanta is a huge fluffy dark grey gyrinx (an near-sentient alien cat that enhances its bonded owners senses and psychic powers). She is fussy, never alarmed, and can transmit total distain with a single glance. She is Artemis’ familiar and the two co-operate with a strange harmony.

Atalanta: As sardonic and imperturbable as her mistress


Interrogator Artemis

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