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Skyfall/Wreath is a binary star system located in Segmentum Obscurus. The larger star is Skyfall, the smaller is Wreath. Twelve planets orbit the twin stars, three of which are inhabited. Governorship of the system is contested between the Rabban and Anirul Rogue Trader families.

  • Glorious: Exports hides with rare properties, fighting beasts, wool/hair fabrics, milks and meats.
    • Tithes are currently collected by Kai Rabban
    • Ice covers most of the planet. The inhabitable band is fairly narrow. The variation of animals here suggests that the planet was once used for housing the results of experiments.
    • The mechanicus have been negotiating for the rights to perform exploratory excavations
  • Magnificence: The highest population of the three. Produced interplanetary ships, now manufactures and exports parts for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
    • Tithes are currently collected by Raquella Anirul
  • Splendour (a moon orbiting the gas giant named Embrace): Exports Helium 3 from mining operations in Embrace. Produces a strangely high ratio of Pariahs.
    • Both families have rescinded any claim to this planet
    • Sponsored by a shadowy Imperial organisation (Culexis Assassin temple)

A Culexis assassin sporting black synskin and a freaky golden head aperture in the processes of kicking the crap out of a chaos space marine

Skyfall Wreath

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