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For a nice visual introduction to the world of the inquisition (featuring white men, also try to ignore any and all plot, just look at the pretty pictures): The Lord Inquisitor Project
Here’s a nice video from that – it features a grey knight (which we haven’t met in-game to date), but the servitors, and ship-feel are good:

Humanity is beset on all sides by horrors; the treacherous and sorcerous eldar, the brutal orcs and the devouring tyranids are but a few of the hordes of alien foes that seek to devour, slaughter, enslave or debase humankind. Through the skin of reality lurks horrors beyond imagination; daemons that would consume your soul or ensnare you to evil; warping body and mind until what remains is a mockery of what it is to be human.

Arrayed against these enemies are the defenders of humanity. First to deploy are the determined Imperial Guard: Tithed from all the worlds of the Imperium their numbers are vast and few return from battle intact. Though possessing fewer numbers than the Imperial Guard there is no doubt that humanity’s greatest defenders from these monstrous foes are the mighty space marines. Organised into ‘chapters’ of a thousand each (plus attendants) these monks have ascended beyond humanity; towering over a normal human they are gifted with various super-human traits from the gene-seed of their chapter; for example the Blood Angels chapter draw memories from the consumed blood of their foes, while the Space Wolves posses the acute senses of their namesake.

These foes are known, and battle with them can cost entire fringe worlds. What stands however against the enemy within? The alien plot, the insidious heresy, the rogue psyker? These threats infect hive worlds, and entire systems, and if not caught in time will inevitably lead to their downfall. The inquisition has this task. It is their job to find and destroy the threat; and if it cannot be reliably contained then they have the power to authorise exterminatus; total eradication of every living entity on the planet surface.

The Adeptus Arbites – those forces tasked with upholding Imperial Law (which does not include such petty things as murder of civilians) do what they can. But they work from within the law and have few resources.

Introduction to the Universe

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