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Xenos Formidulosis

Aliens that are commonly known of, and what is known of them.



  • Craftworld: Tall, slender creatures with pointed ears. They possess advanced technology and are often powerful psykers. Their technology is sculpted with psychically summoned matter called ‘wraithbone’. They are utterly untrustworthy.


    Striking Scorpion
  • Dark The dark eldar make their home in the warp, at the heart of the webway (safe tunnels through the warp used primarily by the eldar). Their society functions on slavery. They take great pleasure in causing terror and pain in others. If they go for more than a few days without torturing a sentient creature they die, as the suffering allows them to consume the soul energy of the victim. For some reason the soul of a dark eldar is perpetually being depleted. Though they savour the pain and soul essence of psykers above all else, they themselves have never been recorded using psychic powers (though they seem able to use psychically attuned equipment). Their speed and grace is so great that videos of them slaughtering guardsmen have to be slowed to track their movements.
  • Exodite These untainted eldar are the descendants of those who abandoned the home worlds before the birth of Slaanesh. Possessing varying degrees of technology, they frequently combine the mastery of beasts with advanced weaponry. They tend to be found on dangerous worlds, where they must think of survival and so cannot fall into the same traps as their kin.


Green creatures; violent and brutal. Their threat level is mitigated by their lack of tactics, and the fact that they are so belligerent they tend to fall into in-fighting as soon as their leader is slain. When placed in solitude with no foe to fight they have been observed losing mass.



Near-sentient cat-like creatures. Their natural state is fluffy and ginger. They seek out an appropriate sentient to bond with, and forge a life-long empathic bond with that individual. They will gradually come to resemble them in coloration, shape and demeanour. The psychic bond allows the gyrinx to act as messenger and lookout, and to those with the gifts of a psyker as an amplifier too.


Homebrew family of hawks. Stats.


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