Agent Dossier


Squad Delta Snare

Delta Snare are a very effective squad of agents, perhaps one of our best. Their quick thinking has prevented disaster several times. Their suspicion of each other makes myself and IA confident in their overall loyalty. Many of them have one foot in the shadows; they require careful monitoring.

Delta Snare is a newly formed agent squad of relatively inexperienced individuals. They are to be given canary work until they have proven themselves and honed their skills. Member selection was performed personally by IA without intervention. His true purpose in selecting this group remains a mystery.

Agent Anya
A sororita. As such her dedication to the Emperor is nearly guaranteed. Raised in a Schola Progenium, and it shows. She claims to have never failed the Emperor; as such it is possible that in the event she does meet a situation with no ‘right’ answer her reason and sanity may be threatened. The probability of her betraying IA if she disagrees with his judgement is high; this lack of blind faith is perhaps why she was being considered for leadership. Recommend cultivating her ignorance. She is an excellent choice of leader when hunting witches due to the protection afforded by her faith, and her motivation.

>Anya has proven to be stoic and mission-focused.
>Trained as a seraphim. Her mobility and deadliness in close combat are impressive. She is perhaps the least tolerant of the group, and will need to be kept ignorant of certain facts.

Between missions: She could serve well on the ship seeking psykers and latent psykers among the crew. She will go with Agent Dieter – he will serve as her bloodhound.

Agent Dieter
Psyker, and a familiar face. His reconditioning is holding well, I fear we might have gone a little too far (he wants to make everyone ‘happy’? The scholastic psykana was ‘intense but fun’?). His aversion to daemons is holding well and he even stated that he would attempt to slay IA if he formed a pact with a dark power. It shows a comfortable relationship between the aversion and his loyalty imprinting. His fragmented mind makes him unsuitable for leadership at this time. I trust this one proves worthwhile, we lost some good soldiers getting him here.

>Agent Dieter has shown an affinity and compassion for animals, to the extent that it is very likely to interfere with missions. May be a symptom of his continued separation from his original familiar. His new ripperhawk familiar may ameliorate that. He had a brush with M without cracking his conditioning, which is good to see.
>Dieter had a bit of a regression, but seems stable again. Privately I am glad that he is reunited with his familiar. His creative approach to problems is impressive, and has perhaps saved bloodshed several times.

Between missions: Agent Dieter will patrol the ship under the protection of Agent Anya, seeking out unsanctioned psykers among the crew.

Agent Nilus
Nilus was conscripted to Delta Snare during their first mission. His interrogation skills will prove an asset. He is still to receive his initial tests.

>Nilus has proven to be a skilled torturer and excellent marksman.

Between missions: Nilus will assist in the Penitentiary. There are a lot of prisoners that need attention.

Agent Nix
A very promising agent. The depths of her knowledge are staggering. Her pragmatism and resourcefulness are impressive, and based on her answers she is likely to be the most unquestioningly loyal to IA. These factors suggest that she will be an excellent leader; particularly for the darker missions, however they also suggest that she will be vulnerable to corruption. Recommend that she be regularly purity tested.

>Nix clearly feels the pressures of leadership keenly, yet delivers complex orders with precision. She has proven to be extremely resourceful in the use of her bureaucratic skills, even gaining access to an off-limits and sensitive meeting.
>NIx has slipped quite far into corruption. She has not shown any hint of betrayal, so for now we have taken precautions and watch her very closely.

Between missions: Agent Nix will assist in the library, helping me catalogue and index the collection. She will be an asset.

Agent Ragaa
A feral world psyker with an ability he calls dreamwalking. He is curious, inclined to loyalty and intensely faithful – having served as a shaman-priest to his people on Naxuus. A perfect set of traits. Unfortunately his lack of experience with technology and the broader world means that he would be best for leadership on feral worlds only. His dreamwalking ability and loyalty make him worth grooming as a spy.

>Ragaa’s faith is still unswerving. He shows considerable loyalty to Dieter, I hope that this relationship will contribute to keeping Dieter in the light.
>Ragaa is one of the most stable members of the team, although I am close to intervening in his decision not to wear armour. He is trusted with watching the others in accordance with IA’s will.

Between missions: Ragaa will spend time with the ship’s command staff while they sleep and get familiar with their subconscious worries and desires. This will be good practice for future spying efforts, and help us map the concerns of the crew.

Agent Wilma
This tech-priest’s strange fantasies regarding MIM had us highly amused. Then she compounded it by describing herself as incompetent to IA’s face. MIM has looked confused since. I’m chuckling writing this. Wilma has experience with ship manufacture, which could certainly be put to use here. Her answers suggested that she would offer perfect loyalty to IA. She would make a natural leader on forge worlds.

>Wilma is remarkably resourceful and deceptive for a Techpriest. Both rare and significant assets among her kind. Her skills with technology have so far shown her to be anything but incompetent.
>When WIlma requested a titan mind impulse unit as a reward for a mission we were both surprised and amused. However when testing revealed her to be eligible we were intrigued by the possibilities. Her status as a princeps must be kept secret, otherwise the Collegia Titanica will demand her, and make life awkward for us. We look forward to opportunities that might arise as a result of this. Controlling the addiction to the joining might be challenging.

Between missions: Princeps training. Geller field maintenance shifts, and apprentice work with MIM when he has time to instruct someone whose ‘things are sometimes not up to scratch’.


Agent Dossier

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