A Reckoning

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The Vigilance Mutiny occurred during the sleeping hours. Under the influence of Inquisitor Veronica Draxx, with the backing of Lord Inquisitor Ulysses Kim an entire regiment of a thousand expertly trained Imperial Guard were murdered in their sleep or subverted. Furthermore half of the security staff, and nearly a quarter of the crew (largely techpriests) were turned, and a number of agents infiltrated in including an eversor assassin. 2651307-0eversor_1_.jpg

Some were motivated by falsified evidence (Adonai in league with daemons), some by unfalsified evidence (Adonai tolerating heretek and xenos), and some did it for money, power, revenge, or out of loyalty to those with treacherous ideals.
Commissar Gren was the instigator of the death of his regiment, the first mate corrupted many of the crew, and the Eyes of Draxx, captive but not helpless in the ship’s prison, were behind much of it.

Though much of their heroism remains unreported, Delta Snare were instrumental in quelling the mutiny and saving the inquisitor. They were responsible for destroying the comms blocking equipment, flushing the assassin out an airlock (like a stubborn turd), and saving the lives of Lord Adonai’s retinue. They also captured Commissar Gren alive, to the delight of the inquisitor.

The members of delta snare were gifted with service medallions during a ball held in honour of the fallen. All could see the inquisitor was unharmed by this attempt on his life, as though the hand of the Emperor himself protected him. And as the silent, tortured mutineers were executed around the room those who had once harboured sympathies for them became the most loyal people present.

The victory was short-lived however, because war had begun in Skyfall/Wreath among the Rogue Trader families, the eldar of craftworld Ulthwe, and some shadowy Imperial groups (and a surprising number of kroot mercenaries). Fortunately there existed a perfect Lord Commander to command a fight this messy, unfortunately he had retired to a deathworld, former home of a certain Ragaa Niganayesgvna Noquisi.

A Reckoning

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