Primaris Psyker Anduriel

Inquisitor Adonai's chief advisor on psychic matters, she savours the humiliation of her victims


Anduriel is a fully-realised gamma level telepath (although some events suggest that she may be more powerful than she claims).

She speaks in a whispery voice, and leans heavily on her staff. Anduriel seems to have pretty much all the dark triad traits (narcissism, psychopathy, machiavellianism). She takes a sadistic pleasure in deep mind scans, and likes to pore over and savour the most humiliating memories. When she uses her powers to dominate or scan people she tends to linger beyond what is required.

She clearly obeys Lord Adonai, but seems to fantasise about being him – whether due to obsession, lust for power, or both. When the Vigilance Mutiny happened she made a bee-line for his bedroom and stole his whisky. For which she got a pretty lengthy time out. During the mutiny she prioritised keeping the eldar seer subdued, and was able to suppress her (although it took most of her focus). She has a measure of contempt for Artemis, likely a combination of jealousy and distaste for her weak psychic powers.


Primaris Psyker Anduriel

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