Magos Iridium Meitner

The highest ranking tech-priest on The Vigilance


Meitner has replaced every piece of meat in his body with the exception of a little over half his brain, which he relocated to deep in the centre of his metal chest where he deemed it safest. He is a towering hulk with integrated power armour, his four mechadentrites whirr and clack about him. He is a master chirugeon and implant specialist. His affinity with machine spirits is matched only by others of his rank.

His personal servitor is composed of the remnants of his old body; an aged thing with wide thin lips and drooping eyebrows. He keeps it around as a reminder of the weakness of flesh, and the precarious and vulnerable nature of unaugmented humanity. It is tasked with cleaning and maintaining his new body.


Magos Iridium Meitner

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