Lord Inquisitor Adonai

The inquisitor whom you serve


An inquisitor of great influence and power, but perhaps lacking in the subtlety of his peers. He owns a suit of highly ornate gold and black terminator armour, which he displays behind his throne. The armour has a pair of lightning claws attached. These are actually 'Lightning' claws the weapon not 'Lightening' claws the hairstylists handy tool. Each of the four claws (or eight in a matched pair) is a razor sharp adamantium blade with its own power field - essentially a fist of power swords. A pair of lightning claws is the most damaging and offense-focused melee choice available to non-psychic humans

He has light brown skin, black hair and an unusual cybereye. The implant is surrounded by burn scars, and seems to cycle between glowing different colours.

He commands a black ship; The Vigilance, which he inherited from his former master when she died (at his hands, for extreme heresy). He has contacts all over the galaxy, and prefers to act through his agents, relying on their subtlety and expendability. When he does choose to go into battle it is in his suit, with his retinue of melee-specialists at his left hand, and a squad of terminator grey knights at his right.
His personal stylised eye symbol is reminiscent of various other Imperial emblems, so is not particularly distinctive to unaffiliated observers.

He has little tolerance for disrespectful behaviour from those in his service, and will assign agents to be reconditioned (or just killed, obviously) if they push him. He prefers to be addressed as ‘My Lord’, ‘Lord Inquisitor’, or ‘Sir’ if time is short.


Lord Inquisitor Adonai

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